Registration: 2018 Archdiocese Allocation Metropolis of Denver

National Ministries Commitment Data for 2018 Archdiocese Allocation Metropolis of Denver and Data Form 2018 - Stewardship Form

Please complete the form in its entirety and submit it by May 29, 2017. 

Note:  All Philoptochos funds excluded.

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Parish Information
Name of Parish:
Parish Street Address:
Parish City:
Parish State:
Parish Zip Code:
Parish Phone:
Parish Email:
Parish Number:
Person Preparing this Form:
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A. Total Parish Income All funds from all sources including all fund raisers, etc., excluding any donations from all sources to any parish endowment/foundation but including any funds transferred from any such endowment/foundation to the parish for any purpose.
Year End 12/31/16:

B. Total Parish Expenditures for all purposes
Year End 12/31/16:

C. Detailed Deductible Expenditures (Deductible expenses must be included in line B above)

1. Funds paid to the Archdiocese for Parish National Ministries Commitment
Year End 12/31/16:

2. Funds paid for facility construction, iconography, and/or land--excluding mortgage payments, including capital expenditures (attach a list of projects including start dates, anticipated completion, estimated total cost and date approved by the Metropolis)
Year End 12/31/16:

3. Funds paid on loans for property and improvements to real property
Year End 12/31/16:

4. Funds paid to hold any fundraiser such as a festival, etc.
Year End 12/31/16:

5. Funds paid to operate a Day/Parochial, Greek or Catechetical School
Year End 12/31/16:

6. Archdiocese, Metropolis and other charitable giving
Year End 12/31/16:

TOTAL for ITEM C. (1 thru 6)
Total Item C. Year End 12/31/16:

Total Net Parish Expenditures Year End 12/31/16:

Certification Statement:
We certify that the information on this data submission form is, to the best of our knowledge, complete and accurate. And I further certify: All expenses incurred and paid by a supporting foundation, private foundation, public charity, an individual, or any other entity: (i) on behalf of the parish, (ii) as required to operate the parish, or (iii) maintain parish related assets, are included in Line B above, as required. The Archdiocese Finance Committee shall have the discretion to work with the parish to impute expenses to the parish and such discretion shall be binding.
Preparer Certification Statement:
I have been designated and authorized by my parish to complete this form.
Preparer Digital Signature:

Year end complete financial statements must accompany this form. This includes a full Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement for all operations. Deduction of Priests remuneration is not allowed. Any local adjustment or reduction given to a parish by the local Hierarch must be done after the Metropolis allocation has been calculated.


2016 Stewardship
1. Was your parish on Stewardship (2016)?:
Yes  No  
2A. Total Number of Stewardship Cards Submitted in 2016 (please count each completed stewardship card as one, whether individual or family):
2B: Number Submitted as Family in 2016 (two or more):
2C: Number Submitted as Individuals in 2016:
3A. Total Dollar Amount of Stewardship in 2016:
3B. Total Parish Income in 2016 (Include income from festival, dinners, and other fundraising events, but exclude donations to approved building funds and endowment funds. Include transfers from endowment funds and building funds to operating funds.:
4. Average Stewardship Amount Per Steward in 2016:
5. What is the percentage of Stewardship to Total Income in 2016?:

6A. Total Number of New Families/Individuals who became Stewards in 2016:
6B. Number of New Families/Individuals New to Orthodoxy who became Stewards in 2016:
6C. Number of New Families/Individuals from Another Orthodox Parish who became Stewards in 2016:

Number of Stewards Giving for Year 2016
$2000 & Over:
Between $1000 & $1999:
Between $800 & $999:
Between $500 & $799:
Between $300 & $499:
Less than $300:

Stewardship Chairperson:
Stewardship Chair Phone:
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